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Adam Gegg of Computer Solutions talks with Channel 5 about protecting your computer

Jul 09 2012

Click this link to watch Adam Gegg talks with Kay Quinn of Channel 5 on how to protect your computer

Flashback malware update

Apr 09 2012

On April 4, a Russian antivirus company called Dr. Web announced variations of the Flashback trojan have infected more than a half a million Macs worldwide. The Flashback trojan has been in circulation since 2011, but this particular strain targets a Java vulnerability that was patched by Oracle back in February 2012. Last week, Apple released two Java updates in just three days (Available in OS X Software Update).

An application published on Github can simplify the Flashback detection process and may be downloaded here (Note: it will not remove the trojan). Additional detection tools and in-depth discussions can be found on various Mac blogs, including Ars Technica.

Bottom Line, while Macs are still more secure than most Windows based PC, there are still risks. A few tips to reduce your vulnerably:

  • Keep your software up to date.
  • Consider installing Anti-Virus software such as Sophos for Mac: Home Edition .
  • Avoid websites that are likely to expose you to these threats (websites that host explicit adult content, gambling and illegal software downloads).

If you believe your computer is infected or you are having trouble with these instructions, give us a call and we will be happy to assist you. Additionally, once your mac is clean, be sure to change all of your important passwords (banks, credit cards, etc.).

Absolute MDM will ROCK your School or Business!

Feb 19 2012

Schools and businesses are finding new ways to use iPads to enhance learning, collaborate, and much more. Many have jumped right in and started using iPads without worrying much about managing or mass-deploying these devices. With so many new devices on your network and in your environment, supporting them all can be daunting. If your school or business has even a few iPads (or Androids) it can benefit greatly from the management and security features of Absolute Manage MDM.

Our top 11 reasons to get Absolute MDM in your environment are:

  1. Device tracking and geolocation.
  2. Remote lock and wipe of devices.
  3. Remote app install and configuration.
  4. Policy management via configuration profiles.
  5. Secure access to documents and media w/ Absolute Safe app.
  6. Asset, App, and VPP license management.
  7. Integrates into Active Directory or Open Directory.
  8. Manages iOS devices, Androids, and soon Windows Phones too.
  9. Can run on either a Mac server or Windows server.
  10. Scales very well. One Mac Mini Server can manage 10,000 devices!
  11. Absolute makes great apps that enhance the product and user experience.

Computer Solutions configures, supports, and sells Absolute Manage MDM.

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Apple TV game changer in the classroom and for presentations

Nov 23 2011

A few years ago, the interactive white board industry caught fire and schools began installing one in each room.  They quickly became the de facto piece of technology in nearly every classroom in the country.  It gave teachers a way to use interactive digital content, and still be positioned in the front of the class. No longer were teachers limited to overhead projectors or sitting behind their computers while presenting to the class.

One of the main challenges with interactive whiteboard is that simply standing in front and using it obscures the image on the board. In addition, unless you have some sort of slate device with which to manipulate what’s on the screen, you have to be standing right next to the board in order to use it.  If you do have a slate device, you have to be looking directly at the board and not at your students, which can be disengaging.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could have all your content at your fingertips and for your students to see exactly what you were doing AND not be tethered to the board?  Well with Apple TV, you can.

With the release of iOS 5 for the Apple TV, you can now wirelessly mirror what is on your iPad onto the projector screen.  Apple TV allows you to project whatever is on your iPad onto a screen wirelessly.  In addition, if you have a classroom full of iPads, students can share whats on their screen with the rest of the class.  Since the iPad is so light and portable, you can now walk about the room and easily share what you are doing with the rest of the class.

The best part about Apple TV is that it’s an inexpensive solution; only $99.  It can be easily tucked on top of your existing projector and plugged in with little or no hassle.  If you give a lot of presentations, the Apple TV is very portable and can easily go into a bag or purse for on the go presentations wherever you are.  Just make sure that your projector has an HDMI port; that’s the only way to connect an Apple TV to a projector.


We’ll miss you Steve

Oct 06 2011


Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

The world mourns the loss of a technological genius and prolific innovator with Steve Jobs passing. He created an ecosystem like no other that millions of people wanted to be a part of and that the world of technology as we know it could not be without. He was a designer and thinker at heart – a master of simplifying systems for human consumption. He made languages come to life and built many worlds in the virtual space and within amazing and beautiful hardware and devices. Steve inspired and enabled so many others to create amazing software of their own and pushed competitors to make better products. Thank you Steve for the wonderful gifts you’ve contributed to our world and for inspiring us to continue your vision.