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Managing multiple personal Macs

Mar 31 2010

Do you use more than one computer? Do you search for files or bookmarks on one Mac, only to realize they are on your other Mac? These three applications will make your life easlier and unify your experience.

1. Dropbox (Free for 2gb)
Install Dropbox on all of your computers. The 2Gb level is FREE and it works with Mac, iPhone, Linux, and PC. You can just move files to it and it syncs automatically. Just go to the same folder on your other computer, or online and find your files there. You also have a shared folder, so you can email a weblink to a friend to share a file that may be too large to fit In an email. Dropbox also works well with our next application, 1Password.

2. 1Password ($40-worth every penny or download a free trial)
It’s just that. Install 1Password on all your Macs, then create one password that you use to login to all of your online accounts. It’s very quick, easy, and secure. It works with Safari and Firefox, and has an iPhone app.  You can also put your 1Password agile keychain in your Dropbox to keep passwords in sync between computers.

3. Xmarks (Free)
Formerly Foxmarks, Xmarks is great for syncing bookmarks between computers. It works with all major browsers including Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and IE. For Mac, Linux, and PC. Install it on all of your computers and never lose a bookmark again. Sync your iPhone Safari bookmarks via iTunes and have your bookmarks on the go too!

Now all of your online accounts, bookmarks, and important files and folders are unified between any computer you use regularly.