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Watch out for NEW Mac malware!

May 11 2011

On Monday (5/2/2011) a NEW malware attack was released that attempts to trick Mac users (mostly using Safari) to install a bogus anti-virus software called MACDefender (not the legit anti-virus software MacDefender). Fortunately the Mac needs your assistance to install it, but it is very convincing. Users that install the software will be plagued with pornography on their Macs.

It will continue popping up every few minutes until the user is so frustrated with the so-called “viruses” reported by MACDefender that you hand over your credit card information to the so-called “software” makers, and the viruses seem to go away. But they have just captured your credit card info. Please DO NOT install anything that you aren’t sure about, especially if it’s called MACDefender. More information and instructions to remove it are here:

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