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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Sep 20 2011

More and more companies here in St. Louis and across the US are looking to consumerize their IT departments. Employees are “bringing their own device” to work and requesting their IT department to support email, VPN, calendars and contacts on their devices.  IT departments are hesitant to provide access to company resources without some sort of mobile security in case that device is lost or stolen.  This is where Mobile Device Management, or MDM can help.

With an MDM solution like Absolute Manage MDM, you can provide access to these company assets, but also have a way to locate that device if it’s lost or stolen, lock the device, or completely wipe it out if the device is not recoverable.  These MDM solutions provide a user accessible web site or portal where they simply type their name and password in, and their device is automatically setup for them. Settings can be anything from WiFi settings, email, calendars, to contacts and VPN.  MDM solutions are particularly good for companies that have high populations of iPhone and iPad users.

As for the securing the device, IT managers can enforce password policies, push internal apps to devices, recommend company approved apps, and disable apps like You Tube and Safari if deemed necessary.  With the users permission, you can also track where a device is on a map like those provided by Bing or Google.  IT managers can tie these policies to a users group or OU in their Active Directory.  In fact, IT managers can assign different policies to different groups of people. Absolute’s MDM ties right in with AD and provides an easy way to integrate a solution like this into existing IT infrastructure.

MDM solutions are a great way to consumerize an IT department and bring folks one step closer to a “bring your own device” environment. For more information, please contact Tim at 314-918-7600 or

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