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Flashback malware update

Apr 09 2012

On April 4, a Russian antivirus company called Dr. Web announced variations of the Flashback trojan have infected more than a half a million Macs worldwide. The Flashback trojan has been in circulation since 2011, but this particular strain targets a Java vulnerability that was patched by Oracle back in February 2012. Last week, Apple released two Java updates in just three days (Available in OS X Software Update).

An application published on Github can simplify the Flashback detection process and may be downloaded here (Note: it will not remove the trojan). Additional detection tools and in-depth discussions can be found on various Mac blogs, including Ars Technica.

Bottom Line, while Macs are still more secure than most Windows based PC, there are still risks. A few tips to reduce your vulnerably:

  • Keep your software up to date.
  • Consider installing Anti-Virus software such as Sophos for Mac: Home Edition .
  • Avoid websites that are likely to expose you to these threats (websites that host explicit adult content, gambling and illegal software downloads).

If you believe your computer is infected or you are having trouble with these instructions, give us a call and we will be happy to assist you. Additionally, once your mac is clean, be sure to change all of your important passwords (banks, credit cards, etc.).