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Adam Gegg of Computer Solutions talks with Channel 5 about protecting your computer

Jul 09 2012

Click this link to watch Adam Gegg talks with Kay Quinn of Channel 5 on how to protect your computer

We’ll miss you Steve

Oct 06 2011


Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

The world mourns the loss of a technological genius and prolific innovator with Steve Jobs passing. He created an ecosystem like no other that millions of people wanted to be a part of and that the world of technology as we know it could not be without. He was a designer and thinker at heart – a master of simplifying systems for human consumption. He made languages come to life and built many worlds in the virtual space and within amazing and beautiful hardware and devices. Steve inspired and enabled so many others to create amazing software of their own and pushed competitors to make better products. Thank you Steve for the wonderful gifts you’ve contributed to our world and for inspiring us to continue your vision.


Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Sep 20 2011

More and more companies here in St. Louis and across the US are looking to consumerize their IT departments. Employees are “bringing their own device” to work and requesting their IT department to support email, VPN, calendars and contacts on their devices.  IT departments are hesitant to provide access to company resources without some sort of mobile security in case that device is lost or stolen.  This is where Mobile Device Management, or MDM can help.

With an MDM solution like Absolute Manage MDM, you can provide access to these company assets, but also have a way to locate that device if it’s lost or stolen, lock the device, or completely wipe it out if the device is not recoverable.  These MDM solutions provide a user accessible web site or portal where they simply type their name and password in, and their device is automatically setup for them. Settings can be anything from WiFi settings, email, calendars, to contacts and VPN.  MDM solutions are particularly good for companies that have high populations of iPhone and iPad users.

As for the securing the device, IT managers can enforce password policies, push internal apps to devices, recommend company approved apps, and disable apps like You Tube and Safari if deemed necessary.  With the users permission, you can also track where a device is on a map like those provided by Bing or Google.  IT managers can tie these policies to a users group or OU in their Active Directory.  In fact, IT managers can assign different policies to different groups of people. Absolute’s MDM ties right in with AD and provides an easy way to integrate a solution like this into existing IT infrastructure.

MDM solutions are a great way to consumerize an IT department and bring folks one step closer to a “bring your own device” environment. For more information, please contact Tim at 314-918-7600 or

Watch out for NEW Mac malware!

May 11 2011

On Monday (5/2/2011) a NEW malware attack was released that attempts to trick Mac users (mostly using Safari) to install a bogus anti-virus software called MACDefender (not the legit anti-virus software MacDefender). Fortunately the Mac needs your assistance to install it, but it is very convincing. Users that install the software will be plagued with pornography on their Macs.

It will continue popping up every few minutes until the user is so frustrated with the so-called “viruses” reported by MACDefender that you hand over your credit card information to the so-called “software” makers, and the viruses seem to go away. But they have just captured your credit card info. Please DO NOT install anything that you aren’t sure about, especially if it’s called MACDefender. More information and instructions to remove it are here:

How Green is your Computer?

Apr 21 2010

Evaluate the equipment you currently use. If a CTR display is part of your setup, you have an energy hog sitting right in front of you. LCD panels are more efficient than CRT’s, but new LED displays use the least power. Either of these displays will save you both money and desk space. Keep in mind that the bigger the display you get, the more power it will use. The new Apple LED Cinema Display is the most environmentally friendly display Apple has ever created.

New Macs are the greenest ever, use far less power than many computers on the market today, and are highly recyclable. The Mac mini and the notebook line-up are the most earth-friendly choices. The new Mac mini uses 45% less power than its predecessor. Computer Solutions can set you up with the greenest mac ever, starting at just $599!

An easy step you can take is setting your Energy Saver to sleep the display, computer, and hard drive after a period of time of inactivity. These settings are default on new Macs. Additionally, Power Manager 3 gives you many more options to control energy settings for $29.

Power Manager 3

Get smart with your power strips. New energy efficient power strips can detect when your computer has gone to sleep. The strip then turns off any devices connected to the computer to save power. Of course, devices connected to these special outlets should not include any network devices, external hard drives, or printers. The special outlets are surge-only.


Change your printing style. Eco font saves ink by printing characters with tiny holes in them. The holes are barely visible and will save your ink budget over the long term, especially for schools. The University of Wisconsin at Green Bay recently announced it is switching from Arial to Century Gothic to save on toner.

EcofontUniversity of Winconsin changes font

Calibrate your laptop battery for better performance and longer battery lifespan. You will be happier with your Mac notebook and save the earth too. New Mac notebooks with built-in batteries still need to be calibrated. Ways of calibrating the battery vary depending on the model. Follow the link below for directions.

Apple Support

Opinions differ on whether you should turn off  your computer when not using it. Many say that shutting the machine down makes little difference. I personally think it is best to turn off my Mac when not using it. It conserves energy, puts less strain on the computer, and saves me cash on electricity bills, even if all very minor. Turn off external drives, speakers, and printers while you’re at it.

Don’t smoke! Besides being eco-unfriendly, smoking near your computer is not only harming you, it leaves a thick layer of tar in your computer too. Dust is natural to computers, and combined with the sticky tar, it forms a brown tar dust that covers everything, slowing down fans and blocking vents. Smoke tar shortens the life of your computer, and can even void your AppleCare. Many service providers charge a cleaning fee before working on smokers computers.

When it is time to upgrade, recycle your old computer responsibly. Take the time to securely erase your hard drive and take the unit to a responsible electronics recycler. Join our upcoming recycle event! Details below.

Help us celebrate Earth Day 2010!

Computer | Solutions is sponsoring an electronic and small appliance recycling event!
Saturday April 24th between 9AM and 2PM. Bring in your TVs*,
radios, computers, monitors, printers, fax machines, telephones, etc…
to have them recycled safely and securely for free!
Receive give-a-ways and discounts (while supplies last) on computer purchases through Computer | Solutions!
*console TV’s will not be accepted, nor will hazardous chemicals

For more information, please contact Christy
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